Crazy Ukrainian Kid, (Саша Фокин Ukrain (12 - 14)) Is a boy with a rage problem. (We wont put any videos or pictures of this child, Cause its to much what will you read.)


Сашас first was knowed in 2011. When they recored hem raging over a computer. When you try to shut it down, He woud attack you and leave the computer alone. Hes watching on youtube distrubing movie or games scenes where people die, After watching the videos on youtube, He gets the energy to attacks hes younger brother. Onestly, Once hes poor grandma just asked hem somthing when he was on the computer. Then Sasa jumped on her started skreaming on her and then pushed her. Disturbingly hes dad once tryed to drown hem with hes arms.The boy has a talent, He knows how to cook wery well.

Hes rage when he didint had internet (Translated On English)


-Mom: Claim Down

-Kid: Why ? Why is there suddenly no damn internet ?

-Kid: I cant really tell what there saying here.

-# Mom shuts the computer down#

-Kid: Why did you had to be like that ? :(

-Mom:Beacuse you need to see that you need to control yourself instead computer is controling you. Thats why.

-Kid: Want to see how controlled i am when i shoot you ?

-# Mom throws a keyboard #

-Kid: Mom, Wait....


-# Kid starts clicking the mouse #

-mom: ARE YOU DONE !?


-#Kid starts trowing CDS (And Crying)#

Comment of the owner of RDS wiki:

- I think the boy isint mental problemd, I think hes parents shout sell hes computer, and tell hem to go outside to play with normal children.

The boy becomed so popular, Even people starting making memes about hem.